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The Blossom Season Arrival at Yellow Mountain

Finally spring arrive on Yellow Mountain recently! As the altitude difference and plant vertical distribution, spring on the mountain usually come much later than the plains. For the time being, Yellow Mountain ends the cold winter and turns on the mode of warmness and romance.

In April, Magnolia on Yellow Mountain, the unique endangered species in China, presents its charming blossom to the visitors on top of the mountain. Azalea is climbing upwards to the mountain summit with the footstep of Spring. It is scattering among the forest, stream side and road side. Besides, the Chinese Flowering Crabapple, Camellia, Eurya saxicola, Lindera obtusiloba and Water Elm are flowering as well.
Huangshan Magnolia
Chinese Flowering Crabapple
Magnolia Parviflora
Dendrobenthamia on top of Yellow Mountain
Among all the flowers, Huangshan Magnolia, Azalea and Magnolia parviflora are the best species among all the followers on Yellow Mountain. The blossom period of Huangshan Magnolia lasts from end of March to mid-April. The best locations to appreciate: Lotus Valley and West Sea Valley. Azalea blossom opens from end of April to beginning of May. The best locations are Beihai Scenic Area, Tianhai Scenic Area, Yuping Scenic Area. Magnolia parviflora flowers only at the beginning of June. The best locations are West Sea Valley, Lotus Valley, Tianhai Scenic Area, Beihai Scenic Area.
Why not having a date with the late spring on Yellow Mountain and enjoy the marvelous gift from wild nature? You must be amazed by the terrific fascinating scenery on the paradise this Spring. 

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April 16, 2015
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