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Experiencing the Ancient Tea Road by Train

On May 20, the special train for tourism along the famous Ancient Tea Road was officially in operation from Erlianhaote which would pass throgh China, Mogolia and Russia.
The business time of train is from May to September each year with a total of 12 departures. Each departure lasts for 13 days. The whole train has a capacity of 200 passgeners. The train is supposed to pass by Beijing, Ulanbator, Lake Baikal, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Ekateringburg, Kazan and end in Moscow. It is believed that the train would improve the communication and cooperation among China, Mongolia and Russia.

Form the middle of 18th century to beginning of 20th century, the "Ancient Tea Road" extended from the grassland in north of China, passing by Mongolian Plateau, Siberia, ending in the region of Lake Baikal. The transporation measure was only camel. With a total length over 5000 miles, the ancient tea road had successfully created a splendid commerical legend.

Now you can take the leisurely train and experience the legendary and glory Tea Road on your own.

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May 22,2015
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