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The Fiest Kite and Windmill Festival


There is an old saying, “ grass sprouting and warbler flying in March day, kite takes an advantage of the east wind flying in the sky”.

March is the best time to play kite. At present, the first East China Kite and Windmill Festival opened in South Lake, Tangshan, Hebei. This festival, with a theme of kite and windmill, consists of exhibition and featured activities to highlight the mainstream cultural of Tangshan regional characteristics, to enhance the city’s visibility and popularity and to promote the blossom of cultural tourism.

There are about 8 million colorful windmills, like a rainbow, bringing the city a beautiful scenery. Many citizens have designed and made kites by themselves. Thus, we can see lots of strange and unique kites flying in the blue sky. Visitors can enjoy nature and release their mood in the wonderful March.



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