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USA First Ladies' China Trip in History - Travel to Beijing, Xian and Guilin


Michelle Obama as the current national first lady of the United States is visiting in China with her mother and two daughters. Her schedule in China is worldwide focused. Beijing, Xian and Chengdu Tour is the highlight of her stay in China. Actually, as a tradition that USA first lady visits China with president husband, Michelle obviously breaks it. Her family trip without participation of Barack Obama, which is absolutely different from Hillary Clinton’s trip to China in 1995, when she played a role of the USA delegation leader to attend at the 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing.

In history, there have been several first ladies visited China such as Pat Nixon, Nancy Reagan, Betty Ford, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, before the arrival of Michelle Obama, since the normalization of China-USA Relationship and the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relationship. To help readers figure it out, we offer a timeline show of some of their travels in China.

In 1972, First Lady Pat Nixon together with President Richard Nixon visited in Beijing
Pat Nixon on the Great Wall in a middle school
 on the Great Wall, Beijinghave a lesson in a middle school  
visit a restaurantin a hospital
visit the Beijing Restaurant to see an ill child
learn to feed pigs visit a people commune
learn to feed the pigs visited a people commune
Pat Nixon on the Great Wall Pat Nixon in the Forbidden City
to see a panda in a zoo visit the Forbidden City

In 1975, First Lady Betty Ford together with President Gerald Ford travelled in Beijing

 Betty Ford Betty Ford
  Betty Ford learns dancing in a dancing school take a photo with dancers in school 
In 1984, First Lady Nancy Reagan together with President Ronald Reagan travelled in China

Nancy ReaganNancy Reagan
Nancy Reagan and President in Beijing and XianNancy Reagan asked the price of antiques
In 1989, First Lady Barbara Pierce Bush together with President George H. W. Bush travelled in China
Barbara Pierce Bush Barbara Pierce Bush  
 take a photo with a girl in Manchu costumevisit the Prince Gong Mansion

In 1995, Hillary Clinton as the USA delegation leader attended at the 4th world conference on women in Beijing
Hillary Clinton

In 1998, First Lady Hillary Clinton together with President Bill Clinton travelled in China

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton
 greeted by childrenamid the Terracotta Warriors  
Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton
visit the Forbidden City on the Great Wall
Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton
see the ill child  travel in Guilin
In 2005, First Lady Laura Bush together with President George W. Bush travelled in China

Laura BushLaura Bush
 learn to make noodleson the Great Wall
Laura BushLaura Bush
visit the Ming Tombs visit the Forbidden City
In 2014, Michelle Obama has a family trip in China >>>
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