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Flight MH 370 Disaster! - In memory of 239 victims on board

On March 24, after 16 days’ international search and the new analysis based on the satellite data, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak officially confirmed that the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean, and there was no hope of survivors. This is a big disaster in the world. 239 lives missed forever! AbsoluteChinaTours feels very sad. They have left us too soon, but will never be forgotten! Words alone cannot express our sorrow and grief. We hope these families can get through the hard time! For in memory of 239 victims on board, we release our deepest condolences through this page. Let us be strong enough to face any nightmare, including this one…
 victim list
The list of victims on board 
The heart-broken relatives
 The heart-broken relatives of the passengers on board 
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