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Forbidden City embraces E Tickets

From August, 2014, the Forbidden City will launch an E Ticket plan, that means all visitors to the Forbidden City need to swipe the E entry card. In this way, the waiting time outside of the entry of the Forbidden City will be significantly shortened, and this will be a heavy blow to the illegal vendors selling fakes tickets.

Great efforts were made in 2013 to restore the Forbidden City, to strengthen the security system, and to eradicate various problems such as illegal guides, taxi drivers, beggars, overcrowdedness during the holidays,etc.

One worker told us as long as one swipe the card, information such as when and where this ticket is booked, will be displayed.

“Safe Forbidden City” Program encompasses seven aspects:

No.1.North Courtyard Expansion Project: Spanning 12.5 sq m, this part will be built at the end of 2014.

No.2. Underground Chamber Restoration Project: Over 300000 pieces of artifacts will be harbored within. A corridor there leads to a research center.

No.3. Infrastructure: offices, science buildings will be moved to the southwest corner of the Forbidden City.

No.4.UNESCO World Heritage Monitor Project: various supervision systems will be installed, such as Lightning protection monitoring system.

No.5. Security Reinforcement System

No.6. Anti Earthquake Project

No.7. Arts and Artifacts Restoration Project: 5 restoration studios have been set up to restore arts and artifacts of the Forbidden City.
forbidden city map
 Map of the Forbidden City
Author: Sophia  Posted on Apr 26, 2014
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