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Half hour from Chengdu to Mountain Emei

Good news! For this coming National Day Festival, known as Golden Week, you will have another transportation choice from Chengdu to Mountain Emei, the helicopter, which is operated by the local air lines company. Since Sep 24, 2014, it just takes half an hour from Chengdu to Mountain Emei and largely shortens the time on the way compared with 2 hours by land transportation.

As the first airline of low altitude flying in Sichuan, it mainly targets to the high class customers and the members of aviation club. The cost is around 1000 RMB (164 USD) for the single trip. Obviously, it only adds distinct travel experience for travelers,but also makes the access way easier and faster.
The Golden Summit of Mountain Emei
                                                   The Stunning Golden Summit of Emei Mountain                       
 The gorgoues cloud sea on the mountain
 Sep 26,2014  Post by Eric, news from Huaxi City News.
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