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Hanzhong Tourism Culture Festival

 Hanzhong Tourism Culture Festival, also known as “Pear Blossom Festival”, will be held on March 23rd in YangXian County, China. 12 thousand acres of cole flowers and pear flowers will bloom over the same period as well as peonies. And the sponsor will design six high-quality routes, so tourists can make their choices to feel the charming of simultaneous bloom of those flowers. To admire the beauty of flowers more convenient, the sponsor build several new viewing points.
Besides, the sponsor is also to hold a series of activities, including a dramatic performance of “impression of Yangxian County”, riding activity, gourmet festival, dragon boat show and so on. At the same time, ticket prices of other view spots in Yangxian County will also offer a discount and volunteer team with 500 people will render the best service to tourists, which gives a full show of Yangxian County’s image of kindness and opening.
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