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Indian Premier Modi Made his first visit to Xi'an

In the early morning on May 14, The Indian Premier Modi arrived Xi'an and started 3 days official visit to  China. It is the first visit to China for Modi as the Indian Premier as well as an important high-level reciprocal visit after the president of China PRC, Mr. Xi Jinping visiting Indian last September. President Xi Jinping visited the hometown of Premier Modi last year in the duration. As a promise, the Premier Modi made his first station in Xi'an-the hometown of Presient Xi Jinping, in the official schedule.

Indian Premier Modi firstly visited the world famous Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses Museum. He was amazed by the incredible terra-cotta warriors and publish the reviews on Weibo(the most popular soecial software in China) in time. After that, he visited the Daxingshan Temple and communicated with the monks. In the afternoon, with the accompany of President Xi, Premier Modi visited the famous Big Wild Goose Pagoda where the Buddhist sutra brought by the great monk Xuanzuan in Tang Dynasty from Indian kept which is also considered to be the witness of the friendship between China and Indian in ancient time. After the visit, Modi presented the typical young Bodhi Tree to the temple which is planted in the holy city of Buddha, Bodh Gaya. After that, local government held a traditional welcome ceremony with Tang Dyansty style to greet Premier Modi at the South City Gate. Lined with warriors and ladies with Tang Dynasty style costume, Premier Modi enjoyed a warm welcome and stepped into city from South Gate. The governor of Shaanxi Province presented Premier Modi the offical documents of the entrance. The mayor of Xi'an presented the "Gold Key" of the city. It is said that the former President of U.S. Bill Clinton also enjoyed the same high level ceremony in 1998 in Xi'an.
The official visit in China will last for 3 days from May 14 to May 16. After Xi'an, Indian Premier Modi will continue on to visit Beijing and Shanghai. It is considered to build a closer co-operation on manufacture and infrastructure between Indian and China.

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May 15,2015
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