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Michelle Obama's Travel in Xi'an - First Lady's Family Trip in China

In accordance with the schedule on March 24, Michelle Obama arrives in Xian, the second travel destination of her 7-day Beijing, Xian and Chengdu Family Tour. She together with her mother and daughters visits The Terracotta Warriors and Ancient City Wall, two landmarks of ancient city of Xian.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum boasts the world’s eighth miracle, commented by Jacques Chirac, the former president of France. It is the most typical tourist attraction in Xian. In history, Terracotta Warriors is a must for the foreign leaders to see. Furthermore, they had a privilege to have a close and intimate contact with these national treasures, and it is also no exception to Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States. Actually, there have been approximately 200 heads of the states enjoyed this exclusive treatment such as USA President Ronald Regan, Queen Elizabeth II, Lee Kuan Yew and Jacques Chirac.

Ancient City Wall is another symbol of Xian, the fenceless museum of ancient China. Michelle Obama’s visit to this historic site to feel the ancient glory of Xian, and has some related activities.

For what Michelle will eat, the representative food and snacks possibly listed are Yan Rou Pao Mo(mutton and bread pieces in soup, 羊肉泡馍 in Chinese), Rou Jia Mo(Meat in Steamed Bread,肉夹馍 in Chinese), Liang Pi(cold noodles literally, 凉皮in Chinese) and Dumpling Banquet. Let us see what she will choose.
The Pictures of Michelle Obama's Visit to The Terracotta Warriors 
Visit Terracotta WarriorsVisit Terracotta Warriors
Visit Terracotta WarriorsVisit Terracotta Warriors
 Visit Terracotta Warriors Visit Terracotta Warriors
Michelle Obama's activity on the ancient city wall
Michelle on the ancient city wallMichelle on the ancient city wall
Michelle on the ancient city wallMichelle on the ancient city wall
 Michelle on the ancient city wall Michelle on the ancient city wall
 The Food They May Taste in Xi'an
 yangrou paomoroujiamo 
Yang Rou Pao MoRou Jia Mo
 liangpidumpling banquet  
Liang Pi Dumpling Banquet
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