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Monlam Festival 2018

Every year, the Labrang Monastery will hold many ceremonies and festivals. The Monlam Festival is the most important one among all. It dates back to 1409A.D. when the Master Tsongkhapa held the praying ceremony in Lhasa. The festival was firstly held in Labrang Monastery in the duration of Jamyang Living Buddha II. It started from Jan 3 to Jan 17 of Lunar Calendar each year. The festival consists of a series of activities. Gannan Tibetan Area locates at border of Gansu, Qinghai and Sichuan which is also the transition zone of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Loess Plateau. It was the nomadic land in the ancient China. The Arts of Buddhism and traditional costumes showcase the its typical characteristic.

The whole duration is the lucky days for the herdsmen praying and worshiping. Besides, different tribes will attend the festival. You can enjoy the different style traditional costumes. All the Lama will chant sutras 6 times each day. First time, Morning Chanting. Second, Morning Debating. Third, Noon Chanting. Fourth, Praying Chanting. Fifth, Evening Tea Chanting. Sixth, Night Debating. On Jan 13 of Lunar Calendar, the famous Buddha Festival will be held there before noon. At the beginning, the Lama from Labrang Monastery will hold the ceremony of Sleeping Buddha on foot of the mountain which locates at the opposite direction of the monastery. The participants will dance and jump all the way. The Lama monks will walk and chant. They will carry the huge colorful embroider figures of Sakaymuni Buddha, Happy Buddha andTsongkhapa to the platform where the figures can be unfolded. While unfolding the figures, all the Lama Monks will chant sturas and praying. On Jan 14 of Lunar Calendar, Dancing Festival will be held. The participants will be around 30 persons. The focus is the Prince of Dharma, the queen, Deer and Yak with masks. With the folk music, the leader and Lama Monks will carry the typical food for Monsters (Called Duo Ri Ma) out of the monastery and burn it. It is believed that the activity will bring local people good luck. On Jan 15 of Lunar Calendar, it’s the time for the Butter Flower Lantern Festival. The festival will exhibit the Butter Flowers which are made by 6 Lama academies of Labrang Monastery and Old and Young Living Buddhas. A large quantities of butter lanterns will be put before the Butter Flowers on the day and night. With the lighting of butter lanterns, the butter flowers are more stunning and beautiful which attract the crowds of people.

The recommended travel dates are started from Feb 26 to March 2, 2018 in China. You should arrive at Lanzhou before Feb 26, 2018. For more details, please inquiry with any of our travel expert.
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