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2014 the 5th Nanluoguxiang Opera Festival

From May 13 to Aug 13, 2014 NanluoguXiang Opera Festival will be held in Nanluoguxiang, Beijing’s signature Hutong. 61 operas from around the world such as China, Russia,America, France and Japan will be staged successively in its 11 theaters including Honeycomb Theater(蜂巢剧场), Penggao Theater(蓬蒿剧场) and Orient Theater (东方剧院) for over 200 rounds. Around 3000 free tickets will be awarded to the most enthusiastic opera fans. Around 50000 opera fans will join this grand art carnival.

What to see in 2014 the 5th Nanluoguxiang Opera Festival ?

Mother, please remember me and love me again
, Chinese title: 《妈妈再爱我一次》. This movie was produced in 1988, it tells the love between an ill-fated mother and her long lost son. A heart-wrenching movie with a revenue up to ten million

Fall in love with Deng Lijun Chinese Title: 《爱上邓丽君》 This is a music opera from Taiwan. It tells how a painful musician grasped the true meaning of love and learned how to love others

Sea Gull Chinese Title:《海鸥》: It is an opera from Russian. It tells the sophisticated love story involving several stunning beauties and some talented and some evil men.

Into the Woods: Chinese Title: 《拜访森林》

Into the Woods is a musical opera created by Stephen Sondheim, based on a book written by James Lapine. It debuted in 1986 and premiered on Broadway in 1987. This award-winning movie metaphors how the heroines’ characters and wishes lead them into specific fate.
nanluoguxiang opera festival

Once Upon a Time Chinese Title: 《曾经》
 nanluoguxiang opera festival

Nanluoguxiang Number Seven Chinese Title: 《南锣鼓巷7号》
nanluoguxiang opera festival

Nanluguxiang is one of Beijing’s top ten famous Hutongs. It starts from Dong Da Jie of Drum Tower and ends at Di An Men of Dong Da Jie. It measures 786m long and 8m wide. It is one of China’s best preserved and biggest Yuan dynasty-era checkerboard style community. It was built at the same time with the Site of Xanadu in 1297.
nanluoguxiang opera festival
Author: Sophia Lee  Posted on May 23,2014 All rights reserved.
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