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No threatens from Ebola Virus in China

Since the Ebola Virus emerged in Republic Guinea, West Africa, March, 2014, it has gradually spread to Sierra Leone, Libya and Nigeria. It was reported that 961 out of 1800 cases had been proved death till Aug 10, 2014. Recently, the health officials from Philippines reported the country’s first suspected cases of the Ebola virus. 7 workers who returned to the Philippines from Sierra Leone showed symptoms similar to that of Ebola Virus. No known death to be proved.

The virus can be passed onto humans from infected animals, animal materials, by coming into close contact with infected body fluids in humans or through infected needles in hospital. The fruit bats are said to be a known carrier of the disease. Internal and external bleeding, fever, vomiting and diarrhea are the common symptoms. At the early stage, it is similar with Malaria. The incubation period of the disease before showing the symptoms can be up to 21 days.

The World Health Organization said there was little risk of the virus spreading outside of West Africa, but countries outside of the affected region were still necessary to take precaution to prevent the spread.

At present, no cases of Ebola Virus are reported in China. It is safe to travel around China. The China government has taken actions to prevent the Ebola virus from aboard and threatening the safety of international travelers.
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