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Shunde-Canton Newly Designated as the City of Castronomy

On Dec 26, 2014, Shunde in Canton was officially designated as the “Creative City Network-City of Castronomy” by UNESCO and became the second city which was entitled with the honor in China. It is also named as the “Model City of Chinese Cuisine Culture” by China Cuisine Association on the same day.

In 2004, UNSCO firstly initiated the “Creative City Network” which is the top NGO among the world creative industry. With a strict criteria, “The city of castronomy” is one of the 7 projects of the network. Before Shunde, only 5 cities in the world were entitled with the great honor including Chengdu-China, Chonju-Korea, Popayan-Colombia, Ostersund-Sweden and Zahle-Lebanon.
Press conference & Award Ceremony (Dec 26,2014)
Shunde, Canton Cuisine
In 2014, there are 50 cities from the whole world participating as candidates to win the great honor. Suzhou and Shunde from China join in the competition. Finally, Shunde won the award. After joining in the Creative City Network, Shunde will cooperate with other network cities on the same goal, communicate with each other on the development of creation and culture industry, profession training and experience sharing. Obviously, Shunde Cuisine will be more and more famous in the world.

Post by Eric  Dec 30, 2014
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