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The preservation of the Great Wall has achieved a great success

On the 1st December, a series of activity which celebrated the decade of Preservation for the Great Wall was held in Jinshanling-a part of the Great Wall in Hebei province. Many relevant ministers have participated in the activities and have delivered speeches about the success of preserving the Great Wall. There were a number of reporters and some volunteers as well. The State Administration of Cultural Heritage released the report that showed the every administration of presaervation has united to devote to protecting the Great Wall. They also call on every individual to take part in the boycott to the destruction. We all should take effort to preserve the Great Wall. In the following years, there will be some companies to patrol a couple parts of the Great Wall. 
During the activities, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage organized a seminar to talk about the contemporary problems of maintenance and repair. After, some advice has been concluded. The activities have drawn to a successful close.
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