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To Avatar fans--Anyhow, the inspiration of the Hallelujah Mountains is from China


the post of Avatar, version in China

, the scenic tourist resort in Hunan Province of southern China, has recently become the hottest news focus.

The "South Heaven Pillar"(南天一柱) in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is exactly similar with “Hallelujah Mountain” in Avatar. One official in Zhangjiajie gave the evidence that he accompanied an Avatar photographer to South Heaven Pillar to shoot the scenery and landscape for three days in 2008. 

►Mt. Huang&Mt. Hua:
Following the movie's huge success on the Chinese mainland, Mount Huang (黄山, Huangshan), a famous mountain in Anhui Province, and Mount Hua (华山, Huashan), another scenic mountain in Shaanxi Province, have joined the debate with Zhangjiajie for recognition over which is the real prototype of the film's featured mountains.

When asked about Cameron’s inspiration for Avatar during one interview, Cameron said Hallelujah Mountain originated from Mount Huang.

It could be said that movie scenes can be found everywhere in the world but it proved that the inspiration of Cameron is from China. To be honest, tourists don’t care which one will “win” the so-called genuine prototype. One essence of traveling is just exploring those astonishing natural wonders.

The above information is partly from one piece of news by Globaltimes and do not represent the views of Absolute China Tours

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