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A curtain of water falls at Wuling Mountain Resort

Water rushs down a creek in Wuling Mountain resortOf the many natural scenic resorts surrounding Beijing, the Wuling Mountain Resort is among the most sought after by residents hoping to escape the daily grind of city life. Located in Miyun County some 150 kilometers east of Beijing, Wuling Mountain is a national-level forest reserve. What distinguishes the reserve from other similar mountain resorts in suburban Beijing is its many creeks, waterfalls and moisture-rich air.

Hikers visiting Wuling Mountain can always find tumbling creeks and occasional waterfalls as they make their way up the mountain. The most magnificent water feature of the resort is the Dragon Pond Waterfall. A broad curtain of water, 56 metres high, pours over the canyon, with the sound created by the rushing water resonating throughout the valley.

On the northern slope of the Wuling Mountain, tourists can also find a one hundred kilometer stretch of Ming dynasty Great Wall. The mountain used to be the natural defensive barrier protecting Beijing from invasion. Today, all that remains of the Great Wall is debris from the watch towers and collapsed walls.

Other major sightseeing areas at Wuling Mountain are named after the landmarks within the area. For instance, the Five Dragon Head scenic spot is known for its five giant rocks resembling the head of dragons and in the Tower of Immortals there is a 48 meter tall rock structured like a tower. The peak of Wuling Mountain is 2118 meters above sea level, and the scenery differs depending on your altitude. The best season to visit Wuling Mountain is in the summer and autumn. Tourists can reside in one of the family-run hotels or hostels at the foot of the mountain.

How to get there: Take Bus No. 980 to Miyun county at Dongzhimen Station. Take Bus No.38 and get off at Caojia road. The west gate of the Wuling Mountain resort is within walking distance from the bus station. Transport inside the scenic area: Cable car is available to take visitors from the west gate entrance to the Dragon Pond scenic spot. The price is 40 yuan per person. (70 yuan for round-trip ticket)

Ticket: Entrance ticket for the Wuling Mountain resort is 90 yuan per person.(70 yuan per person for group ticket)
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