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Here come back wild geese

In golden twilight, the first branch of wild geese lines up to fly through the ancient Great Wall.
Jinshanling of Luanping County in Hebei Chengde is always under protection, so its ecological environment is almost perfect for migratory birds to have a rest with rich vegetation. In the southeast of Jinshanling Great Wall, about 7 miles far away, there is the Miyun Reservoir, where wild geese can rest. After foraging, they negotiate northward Jinshanling hills. The Great Wall Jinshanling was honored by the United Nations Green Organization as a global top 100 sustainable destinations in December 2014.
In the journey, the action of wild geese is very regular. Generally speaking, the team is led by the experienced old goose in the front and the rest follows in the back. They are flying with constantly singing. It sounds particularly loud and clear on the silent Great Wall. For seven consecutive years, here fly the migratory birds every single day of March, like wild geese, swans, cranes and so on, to fly over the Great Wall from the south. It lasts 20 days or so. This spectacular view attracts a large number of photographers and people who like birds.
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