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Tibet has the highest altitude of China, even the world. It is a pure land with fresh air and abundant sunlight. With various Snow Mountains and plateau lakes, Tibet is an attractive destination where visitors from all over the world all pursue. Even though the transportation to Tibet is not very convenient, people can still take trains or ride bicycles to enter the mysterious land. March is the best season to visit Tibet as peaches are in full blossom in Nyingchi. Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival will also be held in March. Then Nyingchi will be covered with the sea of flowers. Tibet becomes a pink land.

Monthly recommended tour

Nyingchi is the second most famous destination rather than Lhasa. Every March, Nyingchi witnesses the most beautiful season in the year. The peach blossom is in its most prosperous time. You will be shocked at the Snow Mountains, grand valleys, flowing rivers. The nature seems so pure in Tibet. Tibet is a fairyland, a Shangri-la to many people. Besides, there are minority groups’ cultures you can’t forget to experience.

China owns various luxury hotels, among which are very well known international hotel chains. With this trip, you will experience an amazing tour starting from Beijing, the capital of China, a city with long history. Great Wall and Forbidden City are two huge attractions you will be introduced to. Then ancient capital Xi’an will welcome you with Terra Cotta Warriors. After Xi’an, take direct flight to Tibet to experience plateau city Lhasa. Then transfer to Chengdu, the hometown of pandas. The trip will end with the exploration of ancient water towns and metropolitan Shanghai.

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