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Hunan province is located in Central China with abundant tourism resources. With the launch of high speed railways, it is easily to arrive in Hunan from Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. Zhangjiajie is the representative scenic area of Hunan which was used as the prototype of Avatar movie. Zhangjiajie owns pure nature landscape with forests and steep hills. It is one of the national forest park in China. In spring, the hills are covered with green color. Fenghuang Ancient Town is another representative attraction of Hunan. In Chinese famous writers’ eyes, it is quiet, original and filled with minority group cultures.

Monthly recommended tour

Zhangjiajie, known as the Avatar on Earth, is a famous attraction in Hunan. Spring and autumn are the best two seasons to visit. Follow Avatar's step to explore Zhangjiajie, a world natural heritage boasting of natural beauty. The strangely-shaped peaks and stones, the deep valleys, the clear waters and the limestone caves together form 'the Five Wonders' of Wulingyuan and make it a place really worth seeing!

Taking the tour you will visit Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin and Shanghai. It is an excellent short tour covering the four hottest destinations that appeal to most people interested in Chinese culture and history. Beijing and Xi’an are two ancient capitals in history. Besides, Beijing and Shanghai are also two metropolitans in China. Guilin and Yangshuo are famous for the nature landscape of Karst landform and country lives. With the reasonable arrangements, you will enjoy the 10 full day tours in China.

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