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When you take a spring tour to the ancient city Xi’an, do not forget to include a hiking tour to your schedule. Mount Huashan is just near Xi’an City. As one of the Five Mountains in China, the landform of Mount Huashan is very unique and steep. There are four symbols of it: valleys, sunrise, wondrous pines and Cloud Sea. Mount Huashan attracts a lot of visitors as its steep hills and fabulous sceneries. The temples, pavilions, halls all lean on the mountain range. There are many ancient fairy tales told about this mountain and many poets have written about it. The transportation to Mount Huashan from Xi’an is very convenient.

Monthly recommended tour

Huashan, located 120 kilometers east of Xian, is the highest one of the five sacred mountains in China. Taking the tour, you will enjoy one-day excursion to the mountain. After breakfast, you will be transferred to Huashan Mountain by private car. It will cost 2 hours on the trip. From the bottom of the mountain you will take a cable car to the climbing starter point. Then you will start to appreciate the unique landscape of the mountain.

Spend 3 days for a retreat away from the bustling city. Mt Huangshan and Hongcun Village are two UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage sites. The mountain is famous for peculior pines, oddly-shaped rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs, while Hongcun Village is a water buffalo-shaped ancient village and the shotting location for the Oscar prize-winning film, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".

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