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Inner Mongolia enjoys much popularity in summer among travelers. Especially in July, there is vast grassland. You can ride horses on the green ground and breathe fresh air as you want. Hulun Buir is the largest city in the area and Hulun Buir Grassland is one of the Four Grasslands in the world. It is known as the best grassland among the four. In summer, the average temperature is around 16 to 21 degrees. Thus it is the best place to escape from the hot summer. Every year, Nadam Fair is held to celebrate the harvest. Besides the beautiful sceneries, you can also experience the folk customs of Inner Mongolia.

Monthly recommended tour

Nadam Fair is a grand ceremony celebrated in Inner Mongolia every year. Usually it is scheduled in summer, the best season of Inner Mongolia. Nadam Fair is held to celebrate the harvest of the year. Most of the residents of Inner Mongolia are Mongolian nationalities. During the fair, they hold various activities such as horse races, cultural performances. Summer is the best time to travel on the land as the weather is very cool.

Hulun Buir owns the best grassland in the world. But the transportation to the area is always not very pleasant. Travel from Beijing and Tianjin is the best way to reach the area. With this tour package, you can also appreciate the scenic spots of Beijing City where there are many cultural relics, most of which are enlisted into World Cultural Heritages. Then you will visit Tianjin city, after Tianjin, take the direct flight to Hulun Buir.

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