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Have no idea on planning a memorable vacation for your family? When and where to go for the vacation? China, the country with 5,000-year-old history and the splendid culture, is a good choice for you. The wold famous cultural heritages, fascinating landscapes, tasty and authentic Chinese Cuisine, child-friendly activities, fantastic nights shows, unique camping experience on wild Great Wall...... All can be expected in the holiday in China. Contact with our travel experts and tell us your trip requests, we will assist with you to make a wonderful family vacation.

Monthly recommended tour

Featured by the wild and original great wall, Jiankou Great Wall is more and more popular among the international backpackers and hikers. For the tour, you can avoid the tour groups and enjoy the amazing view with your family on the great wall with the unique camping experience there.

Visiting the most popular cities in China, knowing the splendid history and culture of the ancient oriental country, exploring the fantastic outdoor scenery of the movie”Avatar”, Zhangjiajie, participating 5 child-friendly activities with your family...All are included in the package tour.

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