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Golden autumn is coming on the way silently in most places in China. Undoubtedly, autumn is one of the best time to visit China for its fascinating seasonal scenery and comfortable weather. Sichuan, located at southwest of China, which features the delicious Sichuan cuisines and the breath-taking natural views. The fairyland Jiuzhaigou Valley and Huanglong, world famous Buddhist mountain-E’Meishan, lovely giant pandas and other wildlife, the largest sitting Buddha in Leshan, the amazing wild nature and distinct culture in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous prefecture……you can experience more in the magical land this autumn.

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Huangshan, known as "Yellow Mountain", which was the world cultural and natural heritage inscribed by UNESCO. The odd-shaped pine, absurd stone, sea of clouds and hot spring are the four wonders of the mountain. Hongcun is another "stunning pearl" hidden around Yellow Mountain. It is featured the well-preserved residence of Ming and Qing dynasties, exquisite wooden carvings, well-planned layout and water system.

Visiting the most popular cities in China, exploring the fairyland Jiuzhaiguo Valley, meeting with the lovely Giant Panda in Chengdu and the largest sitting Buddha in Leshan, participating child-friendly activities with your family...All are expected in your family tour in the coming autumn.

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