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As one of the best season to China, the wild beauty of China in autumn is definitely worthwhile for you to explore. The red maple leaf in Xiangshan Hill in Beijing, the unbelievable Red Beach in Panjin, the fascinating view in Jiuzhaigou Valley, the breathtaking view in Kanas in Xinjiang, the exciting harvest scenery and fantastic tranquil morning in the well-preserved ancient villages of Wuyuan, the fairyland Shangra_la, the colorful and romantic Yunnan, the mysterious and pure land Tibet…All can be expected and packed in your China dream trip in the golden season.

Monthly recommended tours

With the rapid development of China modern train system, it is quiet convenient to travel by the speed train in China. Wuyuan, a remote village in northwest of Jiangxi Province, which features the well-preserved former residence and its typical Ming or Qing dynasty style architectures, picturesque autumn views of tranquil countryside and original lifestyle. You can take the bulletin train from Shanghai and spend a 2 days in the “Most beautiful village in China”. Please click here to see the details.

For traveling, some of us like carrying a backpack, taking a camera and strolling around the most beautiful nature landscapes to record our feelings and emotions immediately. In this itinerary, we will recommend you Yunnan Dongchuan Red land and Terraced field in Yuanyang. Also you can have a chance to admire Hani culture in Yunnan. Please click here to see the details

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