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Located in the inland of eastern China and northeast of Jiangxi Province, Wuyuan was one of the famous 6 towns in ancient Huizhou. It’s famous as the “Town of Tea” and “The most beautiful country in China”. The Spring in Wuyuan is definitely the fairyland on earth, decorated with tender green plants, sea of yellow cauliflower, rice terraces, clouds or sunshine which make the land a traditional Chinese country painting. The best time to enjoy the sea of flower in Wuyuan is normally from middle of March to the beginning of April. It’s a perfect experience to expect in Wuyuan with the sea of flower, mist and clouds after the rain. Come to Wuyuan and explore the fairyland with your own eyes in the coming Spring.

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Wuyuan, a remote village in northeast of Jiangxi Province in the past, which features the well-preserved former residence and its typical architectures, picturesque views of tranquil countryside and original lifestyle. As the “most beautiful village in China”, Wuyuan is undoubtedly the ideal option for 2 days side trip from Shanghai.
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We specially select the top natural beauty and minority villages in China and put it together in the photography tour. You will spend 9 days, discovering the incredible rice terrace in Longsheng and Dazhai, touring well-preserved ancient village along Li River with the country life, exploring the charming outdoor shooting scenery of the movie, Zhangjiajie National Geo-park. You will have the chance to shoot the spectacular sunrise and sunset over the fairyland as well. Price will be advised case by case.
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