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With a huge territory over 9.6 million sq.km, the third largest country in the world, China boasts the various landscape including gorges, valleys, grassland, mountains, stone forests, rivers, deserts, lakes, seas as well as the man-made rice terrace, ancient irrigation system, the Three Gorges Dam etc. The unique sandstone forests in Zhangjiaje National Geo-park, the fascinating landscapes along the Li River, the typical rice terrace in Longsheng with the well-preserved Zhuang and Yao Minority villages, the spectacular rice terrace in Yuanyang(Yunnan) and the distinct Hani Minority people, the breath-taking landscape in Jiuzhaigou(Sichuan), the world natural and cultural site-Yellow Mountain and its 4 wonders, the world famous Snow Town in Northeastern China, the stunning pearl on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau-Qinghai Lake with the spectacular sea of cauliflower are undoubtedly the fairyland on earth. Use you camera to record the most amazing moment, explore the essence of the wild nature, meet with the friendly„ÄĀenthusiastic people and discover your own fairyland in China.

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We specially design the photographing tour for the guests who plan to explore the top natural beauty and well-preserved minority villages with the kindly people and distinct culture in China. In the trip, you will use your camera to discover the beauty of the Longsheng-Dazhai Rice Terrace, Xingping Ancient Town, Zhangjiajie National Geopark, China top natural wonders and more. Price will be advised upon request.
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With the world-famous cultural wonders and the fascinating landscapes, China is undoubtedly one of the best choices for the family vacation. Take your kids to experience the spectacular Great Wall, amazing Terracotta Warriors, breath-taking Jiuzhaigou, lovely Pandas, leisurely Li River Cruise with fascinating landscapes and the stunning Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Top 5 cities of China.
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