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As early as 2000 years ago, the great Emperor of Han Dynasty firstly dispatched the delegation to the west to find the alliance who could be united to flight against the strong minority tribe Hun from the north. With the decades years of difficult and dangerous trial and exploration, the delegation finally made a great success to develop the road connecting the capital Chang’an(Xi’an) with the remote West Aisa which also linked with the land passage to countries of Mediterrranean and eventually extended to Rome. For the past thousands years, the nomad tribes, merchants,diplomats, soilders,catholic, monks, scholars and geographers ...were attracted by the mysterious magic to explore the region or destoryed the civilizations along the road. As one of the most significant roads of the development of Hunman being, it was considered to be the bridge of the exchange of the civilization of the Orient and the West in ancient times. Following the camel bell, travelling along with route of the explorers, passing through the desert and gobi as well as the oasis, exploring the gorgeous murals in the Dunhuang Grottoes, ancient City Wall and Gate in Jiayuguan, the ancient towns in Xinjiang, meeting with the local friendly people, experiencing the distinguished cutlure..... Start the expedition along the Silk Road this Summer and make your dream trip come ture.

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The Fujian province represents an independent and unique artistic state, proof of a cultural tradition still in existence. On the tour, you will appreciate the special architecture and get to know the wisdom of the ancestors and more history of China.
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The murals in Dunhuang Grottos are amazing, the culture behind it and stories along the Silk Road is unique. Without being on the road in person, it's hard to imagine people actually lived here and created all these. Start your expedition along the great Silk Road and discover the splendid culture and hidden legend.
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