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With the development of economy and technology of past 30 years, China has grown up to the second largest economy in the world from nothing, building the largest highway system in the world, finishing many fantastic bridges which required the highest technology, establishing the longest high speed railway which is even longer than the total length of all the other countrie, taking up 70% of the busiest harbors in the world...... The largest subway system in the world- Beijing Subway System, the new landmark in Shanghai with the height of 632 metre-Shanghai Tower, the longest bridge spanning on the sea and longest tunnel undersea in the world- the Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai Bridge, the largest single aerogenerator on sea-SL5000, the most expensive civil freighter-MEGA LNG Ship are the highlights of the MEGA Projects in China and icons of the modern China. It is considered to be the symbol of great power of China. Plan your trip to China, put several MEGA Projects in the tour and witness the amazing projects on your own eyes.

Monthly Recommended Tours

This trip will take you to visit the highlights of the leisurely city Chengdu, meet with the largest sitting Buddha in China-Giant Buddha in Leshan, tour around the famous Buddhist mountain, Emeishan Mountain. Besides, you will be lucky to be the volunteer to learn how to feed and take care of Panda in the Panda Valley in Dujiangyan.Package tour cost from 770 USD p.p
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Summer is the happy time for the family and kids. The trip covers the 5 most popular cities in China, kids favorite activities, most famous cultural and natural attractions, family friendly hotels and local good meals.Package tour cost form 2,370 USD p.p.
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