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With 6 connecting provinces, the central China covers a total area of 1.02 million sq.km. and has a big population of 367 million. The long history, rich resource, convenient transportation system, developed economy and the rapidly developed modern service industry make it the second class position of the economy of China. The cradle of Martial Art in China-ancient Shaolin Temple in Henan, the gorgeous Longmen Buddhist Grottoes in Henan, the fantastic Yungang grottoes in Shanxi, world natural and cultural site Yellow Mountain and well-preserved ancient villages in Anhui, Wudang Taoist Mountain in Hubei, fascinating Lushan Mountain & Dragon and Tiger Mountain in Jiangxi, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and Fenghuang Ancient Town in Hunan are the highlight attractions in the region. As the cradle of splendid culture of China, Henan is also the place where the famous Compass, Paper Making and Gunpowder were firstly invented. From Xia to Song Dynasty, it was always the political, economical, cultural and transportation center of China. As many as 20 dynasties established or moved the capitals to Henan. Luoyang, Kaifeng, Anyang and Zhengzhou were the most famous capitals among all. Starting your exploration tour in this coming autumn and discover the authentic and splendid culture in China.

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This 8-day tour takes you to the capital city of Beijing and central China's important world heritage sites: Yungang Grottoes in Datong, The Hanging Temple and Mt Wutaishan. It will show you both fascinating natural landscape and splendid culture. Package tour cost from 973 USD p.p.
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Starting from Beijing, we’ll go through North China region, Shandong land, Henan territory and south Yangtze River region, ends at Hangzhou – the capital of ancient Song dynasty. Tourists can have a full view of China scenery, taste the customs in each region, and observe the 2000 years of canal vicissitudes.Package tour cost from 2,007 USD p.p.
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