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The Autumn starts from October in China. It’s one of the best time to travel in most places of China as October has the perfect weather, mainly clear days, neither too hot nor cold. In East China, the rivers, mountains,lakes and water towns show you the unique beauty in Autumn. Standing on the mountains, you will enjoy the joyful red leaves on the trees. In the countryside, if you are lucky, you will see the local farmers do the harvest and their celebration. In Central China, the best way to explore the seasonal beauty is taking the cruise on Yangtze River. You can relax on the luxury ship while enjoying the beauty of red leaves on the mountains. In South China, the popular destinations are Guilin,Yangshuo and Longsheng where features the top natural view in China, typical rice terrace and beautiful countryside. In West China, snow-topped mountains, lakes, deserts, natural reserves and wildlife are the highlights. In North China, the spectacular Great Wall, endless grassland and virgin forest provide you with deep impression and the imagination. Exploring the beauty of Wild China in the coming Autumn and keep it as the lifetime memory.

Monthly Recommended Tours

This tour offers a chance to explore the diverse natural beauty of Sichuan. Enjoying the breathtaking view in Jiuzhaigou National Reserve and Huanglong National Park, touring the largest sitting Buddha in Leshan and the Buddhist mountain -Emeishan, visiting the ancient Hakka town, Luodai. Package tour cost from 1,648 USD p.p.
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For traveling, some of us like carrying a backpack, taking a camera and strolling around the most beautiful nature landscapes to record our feelings and emotions immediately. In this itinerary, we will recommend you Yunnan Dongchuan Red land and Terraced field in Yuanyang. Also you can have a chance to admire Hani culture in Yunnan..Package tour cost form 903 USD p.p.
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