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As the most important festival among all the TOP 4 festivals in China, Chinese New Year is the long-waited festival to all the Chinese. It will arrive on Feb 16, 2018. According to the zodiac tradition, 2018 is the “Dog Year”. All the Chinese families will be busy from January on shopping the gifts, food, snacks, fireworks and new clothes etc. The yearly family reunion dinner on the eve Chinese New Year is the most expected moment for all the Chinese. Presenting the Lucky Bags is the tradition in China. It is believed that the lucky bags will bring good luck to people. Tonight, you can expect the fantastic fireworks and experience the atmosphere of Chinese New Year in the countryside. The celebration of Spring Festival normally starts from the night of Feb 15 and ends on Mar 2, 2018. Our whole team wish you a Happy New Year and good lucks in the coming “Dog Year”!

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The tour covers the TOP 3 cities in China, Beijing, Xian and Shanghai which includes the most famous attractions in each cities. Within 8 days time, you will get to know the highlights of the splendid culture and history of China as well as the great achievement of the economical development. Package tour from 899 USD p.p. Departures are guaranteed even with one person! Please click here to see the details.

With 2 weeks trip in China, you will not only visit the TOP 4 most famous destinations, Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin and Shanghai, but also take the leisurely cruise downstream the mighty Yangtze River. You will get to know the culture, history and enjoy the fascinating natural beauty of China. The accommodation in the whole trip is mainly 5 star hotels. Package tour cost from 2,099 USD p.p. Departures are guaranteed even with two persons! Please click here to see the details

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