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With the diverse climate, distinct landscapes and fascinating natural views, the Spring is a good season to explore the wild nature in China. Hiking among the sea of clouds on Huangshan Mountain, exploring the “Pandora Planet” in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, enjoying the fun of hiking among the rice terrace from Pingan Village to Dazhai Village in Longsheng, discovering the deep valley of Tiger Leaping Gorge in Lijiang, walking on the famous “Jade Belt Road” in Dali, passing through the breath-taking colorful Danxia Park in Zhangye, climbing up to Huashan Mountain, or even conquering the Great Wall with your feet...... Besides, the fresh air, warm temperature, the smell of earth, beautiful flowers, wild animals and fling birds make the trip interesting and memorable. Packing your bag, taking the camera and starting the hiking in the warm Spring in China. Our whole team are always waiting for your arrival and help you to make the trip come true.

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The Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Spring is truly the fairyland on earth. The typical peak forest, lush trees, odd-shaped landform, clouds and fog make the park a natural scroll of Chinese painting in Spring. Hiking in the national forest park is a great experience. You can expect the pretty real scenery of the Pandora Planet of the movie when it is cloudy in the valleys. Package price from 1,720 USD p.p. Please click here to see the details.

We specially select Jiankou Great Wall which is less reached by the visitors and keeps its original statue. You can enjoy the fun of hiking, beautiful scenery and experience the unique camping on the Great wall. Package price from 595 USD p.p. Please click here to see the details

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