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Shanghai Laofengxiang Jewelry

A time-honored brand of China, Shanghai LaofengXiang Jewelry Store is familiar to all Shanghai residents. Owning a jewelry item bought from Laofengxiang has been a long-lasting, enviable fashion.
Laofengxiang opened business in 1848, and witnessed almost the entirety of Shanghai’s modern history. The brand name “Lao-Feng-Xiang” connotes the wish of its founder – “lao老” (meaning “old”) implying a seniority and prestige, and “feng-xiang 凤祥” (literal meaning: phoenix (a symbol of femininity in Chinese culture) and auspiciousness) suggests a best wish for women.
Shanghai Laofengxiang Jewelry, China Time-Honored BrandsShanghai Laofengxiang Jewelry, China Time-Honored Brands

Laofengxiang store in the 1930s.

The Laofengxinag building on Nanjing Road, Shanghai's busiest commercial pedestrian street.

In its one-and-a-half decade’s history, Laofengxiang has been adequately exposed to Shanghai culture. The jewelry products processed by its handicraft masters featured a combination of both Chinese traditional processing techniques (such as welding, pressing, cutting etc.) and Western skills of inlaying, forming a unique style with a strong fashions appeal to the Chinese. In the 1930s, it was said, the daily business turnover at Shanghai Laofengxiang hit a record high of over 50 kilograms.

Laofengxiang has won numerous awards both at home and abroad. It is recognized as a “China Well-Known Trademark”, “China Time-Honored Brand”, “Well-Known Chinese Commercial Service Trademark”, etc, and won prizes at World Gold Council Jewelry Design Contests and De Beers Diamond Jewelry Design Competition. Today’s Laofengxiang has developed into a large-scale jewelry enterprises group with a nationwide network of chain stores. The brand name is synonymous with luxury, romance, elegance and dignity, and is the flagship of China’s jewelry industry.
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