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Top Four Famous Beaches in Shanghai

In a hot and humid summer day, lying on the beach with a little breeze should be quite a pleasant experience. Let’s check out the urban beaches we can go for a relaxing day trip within Shanghai.

Laomatou Sunshine Beach


This manmade beach is located in the south of the Bund, close to Waima Road. Within the city center, it is easily accessible and could be a good choice for those who couldn’t travel far. And it also offers splendid Bund views.

Add: Binjiang Terrace, Shiliupu Pier, Huangpu District
Chinese Add:黄浦区十六铺码头滨江平台
Admission: RMB50 yuan with a glass of soft drink
How to get there: taxi to Waima Road

Dino Beach


Located in Minxing District, It is more like a water amusement park that is worth spending a whole day in. It has the largest manmade beach in Shanghai and the biggest wave pool in Asia. Volleyball games on the sand, kid-friendly pools and rafting water slides, etc. make Dino Beach a favorite for families.

Add: No. 78, Xinzhen Road, Minxing District
Chinese Add:闵行区新镇路78号
Admission: RMB120-200 yuan
How to get there: Subway line 1 to Lianhua Road and take bus no. 753 to Xinzhen Road

Jinshan City Beach


This is also a manmade beach in suburban Jinshan District of Shanghai. Although it cannot be compared with those urban beaches in other corners of the world, it is still a pleasant place for a summer day trip. Travelers can swim, enjoy sunbath, catch crabs or simply stroll along the beach. There are also some events going on every year including a beach music festival.

Add: 5, Xincheng Road, Jinshan District
Chinese Add:金山新城路5号
Admission: Free till Aug. 31, 2014
How to get there: Subway line 1 to Lianhua Road and transfer to bus Lianshi Line to Fuchuan Road

Bihai Jinsha Water Park


It has one of the highest quality beaches in Shanghai. The white sand is shipped from Hainan province. The pools there are perfect for lying in the sun and facing the sea.

Add: No. 39, Haiou Road, Haiwan Tourist Zone, FengXian District
Chinese add:奉贤区海湾旅游区海鸥路39号
Admission: RMB40-60
How to get there: Subway line 8 to Shendu Road and take bus Haihang Line to Fengzhe Road Xinghai Station
Author: Zoe   Posted on Aug 15, 2014  All Rights Reserved
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