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From Harry (Netherland)

Dear Zoe Mao,

I would like to thank you both for your assistance in organizing my trip here in China.

My brother and I had a wonderful trip and everything was very well arranged and organized. The hotels were all excellent and the places we have seen made a great impression on us.

The tour guides also were very friendly and helpful to us.

Thanks again and kind regards,


From Carola (Chile)

Thanks Flora,

I thought about writting you about it, but i have been just too busy travelling around!

Chengdu trip was just perfect!, althought i didnt understood so much, people in the group were incredible nice to me, and they did an amazing effort to comunicate with me!

Landscape was just beatiful, sadly the weather was way too foggy so we couldn't get the Mt. Emei view that i was looking forward, but nothing you could do about it!

My hotel room was sooooo nice, it was basic, but clean, and my window was facing right to the mountain so i was very happy to stay there!

Thanks again for arrange that tour for me! I would defenetely recommend you with friends if they are lucky as me to travel to this part of the world!

Greetings from Tibet!


From Mat (Israel)

Dear Zoe,

We are back at last in Israel and I am writing to you to tell you how much we appreciate all that you have done to prepare our trip. In fact the arrangements were all very well organized and everything went like “clockwork” (English expression to say that something went without faults). We never had to wait for a guide or a driver and all the hotel; arrangements were very satisfactory.

The guides also spoke a surprisingly good English and they were all very good.

If there was any criticism it is with myself for insisting on staying in Kaifeng for the first weekend. The hotel was a little far from the old part of Kaifeng and on hindsight it would have been better for us to stay in Zhengzhou and just travel for the day to Kaifeng. Zhengzhou would also have been better for our trip onwards to Shaolin.

The restaurants chosen for our daily meals were quite adequate without being luxurious. We fully expected to lose weight on this trip but in fact, I think that we put weight on.

One comment. On the cruise ship, although you booked a nice room for us, we decided to up grade to a better room which cost us an additional $600 which I think was a little too much. Nevertheless, it was a very nice experience. The food and the service on the boat were also very good.

You live in a very interesting country and we also enjoyed meeting the people of China.

I will certainly recommend your agency to my friends.



Feedback from Louis (Australia)

Hi Carol,

We have returned to Australia smoothly. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance and care during our stay in China. As this trip is different from any other China trips we had in the past (As Flora mentioned it before that it is "revolutionary" idea to participated in Chinese Join-In tours), it turned out to be refreshing and enjoyable for us, although at times it had been challenging. However, your prompt actions and assistances did help us in trying times. We thank you again for it! Furthermore, we appreciated it very much that those Join-in tours seem to be thorough and seeing a lot more than private tours.

We are planning at present trip(s) to China for the next 12 months. We would like to visit two more main areas. One is southern China, i.e. Hainan, Guandong, Fujian provinces and the other being the ancient cradle of Chinese civilization, i.e. Henan, Hebei and Shandong provinces. These may take two trips?

Once we have planned a rough trip itinerary then you will be asked to comment and quote for the trip(s).

Sincere regards,


From Larry & Linda (America)

Absolute China Tours - Jane & Mango,


You could not have taken better care of us. We felt like we were being taken care of on every stop of our journey. We choose a very difficult journey, one which we had no idea if we could accomplish and even after the finalization of our itinerary. We had no idea what to expect. But every tour guide made absolutely sure. We saw the sites we wanted to see and ensured that we made it to our next journey destination. Not once did we feel unsafe or that we weren't being taken care of. Nearby all of the guides were warm, cordial, and sensitive to our needs and desires. We also know that we received the best hotel accommodations and restaurants each location could offer. Each segment of our journey was not just a vacation -- it was an exciting and fantastic new discorery and adventure. We know that there had to be a tremendous amount of planning and work to make it happen. Absolute China tours-you made a dream come true for us!! 


From:Larry & Linda  

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