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Comments from Ana (Denmark)

Hi Nicole,

This is just to let you know that we have returned safely to Hangzhou after our wonderful tour to Xian and Beijing. We have been enriched by many sights and feel grateful for the flexible and skillful service provided by you and the two guides.

The Beijing and Xian guides are excellent. They are flexible, punctual, energetic and knowledgeable.

Food is very good especially Beijing duck. Though the 1st day lunch in Xian was below average, your company is very flexible and service minded to change lunch menu without a problem and without extra charge upon request.

Both Beijing and Xian tours are unforgettable.

Vehicle is clean. Felt safe with the driving techniques of the drivers. Drivers are quiet and service minded. No delays.

If possible, the travel consultant could ask food preference: local Chinese or western style. We prefer local specialties when traveling so we rather prefer to eat on a small local restaurant than big tourist establishments. Both tour guides suggested really good local restaurants which we enjoyed and contributed significantly to the trip.



Mar 26, 2009


From Marcel (Singapore)

hi carol,

i just wanted to drop you a note saying that we had a great trip in china/tibet.

everything went smoothly and the guide, driver and hotel in lhasa were great.

thanks for your support,


From Eleanor (America)

Dear Mango,

Miles and I were delighted with the pictures you took the day we met for lunch and shopping. Many thanks for forwarding them to us. I've had a good time giving the gifts we purchased that day to friends and neighbors. They're particularly pleased with the placemats and chopsticks. I've given the bookmarks to my friends who are devoted to their Book Club. The little jacket and pants set will go to New York next weekend for our granddaughter's two year old birthday.

I hope we have a chance to meet you and Rafael again, either in China or in Boston. Rafael was a superb guide. We'll never forget the night time performance on West Lake. Is there a website where we can get more information about how it was staged and performed?

Eleanor and Miles Shore (USA)


From Frank (America)

Hello Carol,

I would like to thank you for the arrangements made for my recent tour in June 2008 to Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Chongquing, Wuhan, Guilin, Zhuhai, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai.

The tour was well organized and the guides were very good in their knowledge of the Chinese culture and guiding us during the various visits. Please express my sincere thanks to all of the guides - Jason, Rita, Peter Pan, Sasha, Robert and Tony. I may have missed out one or two persons.

The selection of the hotels were very good for I did not want to stay in totally western style hotels and the locations of the hotel were always within walking distances from touristic places and simple shopping - in Beijing it was next door to a Walmart Superstore, in Xian it was walking distance from the Railway station, in Guilin it was across the road from the famous Li River and within walking distance from the park with the famous Guilin Limestone mountains peaks, in Hangzhou it was two blocks away from the the famous West Lake, It was very convenient to see and feel the pulse of the city and the country. Also I like the idea that the guides provide a copy of the map of the city to the visitors. (exceptions were in Shanghai and Beijing) It provided an opportunity to get a sense of where you are located.

I thoroughly enjoyed two night shows - the dumpling dinner and show in Xian and the Acrobatic show in Shanghai. They were really excellent performances. I would highly recommend these two additions. Also I enjoyed the travel by train in the soft sleeper cars between Shanghai/Beijing and Beijing/Xian The inclusion of this travel arrangement versus air travel reduces the cost of the tour.

I appreciated the flexibility of your company to change part of the tour when I requested a change from train to air travel in two segments when I decided to modify the tour. Finally, I acknowledged your company when I requested the inclusion of Zhuhai - from which my parents migrated many years ago. The other tour agencies that I checked did not wish to include a visit to this city as part of their tour packages.

Thanks again for making this tour a memorable one.

As I mentioned to you my family got ill during the Yangtze river tour. The medical treatment was very professional but the cost was very high. The cost of treatment for my wife, daughter and myself over the two days was 15,590 yuan. I paid the bill by credit card and hope that I will be able to recover part of the these expenses from medical insurance.

One thing that I left out of my comments. I enjoyed the lunch in the Hutong. The food was excellent and plentiful. I appreciated having lunch in a typical Chinese home. A great addition to the tour.


From Anne (Australia)

Dear Lucy,

We are back in Australia now. We thank you for organising the itinerary well. The tour guides were excellent. We are very happy with their performance. Tour Guides in Xinjiang have a good grasp of English and the Uygur language speaking guides were an excellent choice. We were particularly happy with your choice of hotels as well. Most of them were in a very central location and convenient to restaurants and entertainment. 

Thank you again! 

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