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Comment from Kim Primavera & Abraham Lin

Hi Zoe,
We are back from our trip and I wanted to let you know that everything went PERFECT! We saw everything we wanted to see and were very lucky in the weather department. The meals that were included were delicious, our hotel rooms were very comfortable and our guides were extremely knowledgeable. They always arrived on time (usually early) and made sure we had everything we needed for our excursions. We very rarely had to wait in any lines and a few of our guides even went out of their way to take us to special places that were not included on our itinerary. China and Burma are beautiful countries and I will defiantly be recommending Zicasso Tours to others. Thanks so much for putting together such a great trip at an amazing price! We have a lifetime of memories :)

Thanks, Kim

Which Country (Countries) did you visit on this trip? Myanmar (Burma) China
Your overall comments on the trip and the travel company:
I very much enjoyed my trip. I have no comments on how things need to be improved, everything was perfect. I was very impressed with the economical cost of our trip, the food that was included, the quality of our hotels and our guides. Our guides went out of their way to make sure we saw things that were not even on our original itinerary.

What were the most enjoyable or memorable parts of your trip?
seeing the rice terraces and the temples of bagan. Whole reason I wanted to go to Asia

If you could take your trip again, what would you do differently?
yes, and I would recommend it to everyone!

Kim Primavera & Abraham Lin

Comment from Elena Gonzalez Navarro

Translated in English:
Andres, Isabel, I have returned to Mexico after our wonderful trip in China. I just want to thank you for all the attentions, your mmediate response in the mail, the guides, especially Lulu looked after us so magnificently. Excellent trip. excellent hotels, restaurants, massage, and all the rides. Everything went well. Everybody was delighted with the trip. so I want to say thank you.
Original in Spanish:
Andres, Isabel, pues ya regresamos a Mexico despues de nuestro viaje maravilloso a China. Solo quiero agradecer todas sus atenciones, sus respustas inmediatas en el correo, los guias,
especialmente Lulu nos atendieron de forma magnifica. Excelente viaje. excelente los hoteles, los restaurantes, el masaje, y todos los paseos. Todos quedaron encantados con el viaje. asi que quiero decirte GRACIAS.
Un abrazo.

Elena Gonzalez Navarro

Comment from Ms. Meity.Indrawati (Malaysia)

 Dear Eric,

Good morning... Thank you for your kindness, arrangements and support to Mrs
Lydia and family. They all happy and enjoy their vacation in HK, and want to come back next year.


Mrs Lydia and her family

Comment from Mr. John and Mrs. Candice Wallace

What countries did you visit?China
Your overall comments on the trip and the travel company:
Our trip with this China travel company was overall a very pleasant and memorable experience. The tour guides were very knowledgeable, friendly and pleasant to be around and all but one spoke very good English. However, I do feel that for those over 65 years old, I would recommend that you offer some alternatives to the heavy walking or climbing sites (such as Moon Hill - I would have preferred to see a cave where we did not have to walk up over 800 steps!).

The hotels were all satisfactory (not four *, more like 3*), except for the one in Guilin, which was not acceptable - and I did give them this feedback.

All in all, I was very please with this tour package and would recommend it to others.

What were the most enjoyable or memorable parts of your trip?
The most memorable parts were:

1) The Great Wall
2) The Terra Cotta Warriors
3) The River trip from Guilin to Yangshou
4) Forbidden City & Tienanmin Square & Summer Palace
5) Muslim Street in Xian
6) We really liked some of special personal things like - Taking Taichi lessons from a master, Taking a cooking class from a Chinese chef.
7) Hong Kong was awesome - It would have been nice to have at least one full day of tours in this city!

If you could take your trip again, what would you do differently?
For the money it was excellent and I would not change it too much - I would recommend that you just try to offer  better hotels and maybe offer one or two dinners somewhere along the 12 day tour.

Mr. John and Mrs. Candice Wallace

Comment from Mr. Carlos Almeida (Portugal)

Dear Eric,

As you said I have just arrived of a memorable tour. Of course I am still tired of the flight that is too long and we are recovering. I can give you my first impressions but later I will give a more detailed report after an exchange of opinions with my colleagues.

About the tour organization here are my first impressions:

The schedule was very well organized, trying to fill our time with visits to interesting points. If we were younger we would like to spend more time exploring the geo-park, visiting less accessible tiankengs and contacting with local people. May be another time. The guides are very professional and friendly and I think in the end we establish a true friendship.

Frankly, we find the driving of the first driver a little aggressive with some moments less secure, like over passing in curves, etc. On the contrary, Mrs Shi was much more defensive and will fill more secure. About the hotels all went well without problems and they are very good. The food was very good but naturally in the end we start to miss the Portuguese cuisine. We like specially the food in small restaurants in villages. Travelling by train was a good experience and all connections were in time. We were surprised by the trains station of Nanning (almost bigger than our Lisbon airport). I visited Guilin in 1984 and the difference is overwhelming. In that timer there wasn’t cars, nor scooters, and the tourists are in general Chinese people from other parts of China or from Hong Kong. Of course in those times all was much more peaceful and quiet.

You can be sure that if I have the opportunity of organize another trip to China I will hire your services.

Please convey my heartily regards to the guides and drivers. I hope that next time I can meet you.

Best regards


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