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comment from Ms. Megan Lynn Cronin

Hi Zoe,

You were wondeerful and flexible to work with in the planning stage. Our hotels were wonderful and some of our guides were terrific and knew the history and culture of their respective sites namely, Dhorma in Lhasa, Peter who hiked with us on the Great Wall, and Eric who showed us Hong Kong. All guides were responsive to our needs, were prompt and showed us great local restaurants. Overall the trip was excellent. Thank you

The most enjoyable or memorable parts of my trip: The Great Wall, all of Lhasa,the cooking class in Beijing (could have been cut by one hour), our lunches and breakfasts in our mostly sumptious hotels, walking the Bund, watertown trip, Forbidden City and Tian'anman Square, temples, Victoria Peak- so many highlights.

If we take the trip again, what would we do differently: Ask for guides who were more knowledgeable about history. Many were Englsih majors but a few didn't know their history. We knew more than they did. Shorten the cooking class to 4 hours. It was a highlight of our trip though so if 5 is what it needs to be, so be it.


Ms. Megan Lynn Cronin, Mr. Denis Francis Cronin, Mrs. Helen Cronin Buhler and Mr. Warren Eugen Buhler

comments from Csaba (Hungary)

Dear Eric,

We have arrived at home. Our China trip was amazing, everything was nice. This was my parents most beautiful journey of life.

The organization was perfect, the guides were clever, patient and helpful and the most of the car drivers were also kind. The cars were enough big and clean.

The food was delicious in the most of the restaurants, but not better than in the hotels.

Thank you for your flexibility in interchanging of the programs. This made the trip unforgetable for me.

The weather was also good, except in Zhangjiajie, which was very rainy and foggy.

I would like to teturn to China, it is a wonderful country.

Best Regards,


Comments from June Aubrey (Philippines)

Hi Eric,

We just got home from Beijing.

On behalf of our group, I'd like to thank you for the excellent service you and Absolute China Tours have provided us. From the first time I've emailed you to our visa application until the tour itself, you have been very accommodating. You were always willing to help.

We enjoyed Beijing a lot and we had so much fun. Too bad it rained on our last day so we asked Johnny to cancel the World Park tour and take us to shopping markets instead.

Great choice for a guide by the way. Johnny speaks english very well and funny, too. No dull moment for our group while on tour. We like that we were provided with a comfortable car  with plenty of water supplied to us everyday. We were also brought to good restaurants which served excellent lunch. Even Wong, the driver is very pleasant and he always smiles.

If there is any way that we can give back, like a testimonial or a rating or something, please let us know. We'll gladly make one for you. Be assured that we will be recommending you to our family and friends who plan to visit China.

Thank you again and kudos to your team! Till next time. :)

Xie xie ni!

June Aubrey

comments from Rolando Recio (Australia)

Dear Christina,

Having read about "factory tours", I specifically asked for a non-shopping trip and that's exactly what we received. We are a group of 10 friends who have traveled together, both on-our-own and at times on a private tour, to different countries over the past 10 years. Christina from China Absolute Tours provided us with great service, responding to our individual questions, concerns, and requests on a timely manner. She put together a well-paced itinerary, touching on all the highlights, choosing 4 and 5 star hotels in each city. She even customized the itinerary for one couple who have been to Beijing, not interested in seeing it again, arriving 2 days later.

About a month before the start of the trip, another couple decided to join us at the last minute. Since they have been to Shanghai previously, Christina customized yet another itinerary. She was amazing - (since she had to wait until this last couple had received their Chinese visas) on short notice booked rooms at the hotels where the original group were staying, seats on the same domestic flights, which I noticed were all flying full. Even their Tibet travel permit arrived just a few days before that part of the trip.

The vans provided for transfers and sightseeing were very spacious, and the drivers drove safely. The guides in each city were knowledgeable, accommodating, and very flexible, being that we love to take photos, especially group photos, which take a little time to set up. They also had a good sense of humor, especially Ryan in Shanghai, who never seem to run out of jokes and trivia. They were pro-active on a couple of occasions, re-arranging the sightseeing schedules to minimize the impact of adverse weather (rain). The few shopping breaks we requested were easily and conveniently arranged.

A low water level at Chongqing prevented all passengers from boarding the Yangtze cruise boat there, but the cruise operator had buses waiting to take us to the next stop at Fengdu. The guides on site were great in handling the situation and, except for the minor inconvenience of the two-hour bus ride and a little exhaustion at the end of a long day, the transition was handled quite smoothly.

When the recent CICA summit in Shanghai triggered a shortage of certain hotel rooms and higher prices, China Absolute bent over backwards to honor their commitment per the original quote and ate the difference. It was important that we ended the trip on a high note, staying at the Marriott City Center.
Everyone in the group enjoyed the trip, pleasantly surprised that everything went smoothly, there were no domestic flight delays, and all felt we got a good value for the price we paid.

We definitely have some enjoyable and memorable parts during the trip. Such as:
1).Visiting the less-crowded Mutianyu section of the Great Wall made it more enjoyable. Experiencing a massive sea of humanity on a Saturday in Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City is unforgettable. Peking duck dinner at Dadong Restaurant in Beijing was a wonderful way to start the trip.
2).Seeing and hearing about the history of the terra cotta warriors in Xian is fascinating.
3).There was anxiety among the group about altitude sickness before we arrived in Lhasa, but the effects were relatively minor and easily dealt with. We (in our 60's and mostly out of shape) all managed to make it to the top of the Potala Palace and it was definitely a memorable experience. One more item crossed off the bucket list.
4).Winding down the trip with a 3-day cruise on the Yangtze river through the vistas of the three gorges was a great idea, capped by two nights in a luxurious hotel in Shanghai.
5).Christina from China Absolute Tours, who arranged this trip, taking a 60-minute train ride plus 40 minute metro from her home base Hangzhou to Shanghai to meet us just for a few minutes and give us some local treats - priceless. She said we were special.
All in all, we think this is an amazing trip!

Rolando Recio

comment from Thuan Pam (USA)

Hello my friend Eric,

It was so nice to meet with you in person in Hangzhou.  I and my wife had a very pleasant time in China.  We safely returned home  on Monday, May 19.  After a 2-week long vacation, I have to come back to the real world where many things are waiting for me at work as well as at home. 

I am writing to express my sincere thank to you and every employee in  Absolute China Tours International for all the  hard work and time that you have spent to help me have a very pleasant vacation in China this time.  I will arrange time to write a comment and post it on Trip Advisor next week.  I also want to provide a few feedback about my trip  for future reference.

As for tour guide, the one in Tibet is very excellent.  He could answer almost every question about Tibet, and he was very helpful to us when we need assistance.  The ones in  Putuoshan, Huangshan, Jiuhuashan,  are very good, nice and friendly.  The guide in Emeishan is OK.  At least she knows which bus to take and where to go.  I understand that it is very difficult to find and English speaking tour guide in these areas, because most of the tourists are local.

The driver from Putuoshan to Hangzhou is OK.  The one from Hangzhou to Huangshan is very smart.   He knew exactly what we needed and stopped for rest room after 2-3 hours.  The driver from Jiuashan to Heifei is not smart enough.  I told him 3 times that wee needed to go to the  bathroom but he kept driving all the way to Hefei without stopping any where.  Drivers in Emeishan and Tibet are very pleasant and nice.

For hotels, both hotels in Shanghai are very good, Hefei is excellent, Emeishan is below average, and the rest are good or fine.

I will mail you my SIM card and some photos to your company address next week.  I did not have time to do so on the last day in Shanghai. Thank you again for everything you have done to help me with my vacation in China this time.  I always expect to see you again and want to welcome you and your wife in US.




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